Are you organising a conference?

Would your company like to organise a conference or a series of conferences? Are you a professional conference organiser? A conference for your teams, your clients or an external audience?

We will set up the necessary technical equipment for a successful conference. This goes from adapted sound to microphones, screens, projectors, atmosphere lighting and stages in order to put your speakers forward.


Which services do we offer?

  • Interior lighting:
    • A venue, a tent, your office space, etc.
    • Architectural details
    • Your decoration
    • Works of art and paintings
    • Toilet facilities and cloakroom
  • Exterior lighting:
    • A building, a façade, a tent, etc.
    • A terrace
    • A garden, a park, trees, etc.
    • An access road
  • Sound systems that are adapted to your conference room
  • Lavalier microphones, headset microphones and hand-held microphones
  • A stage for your speakers at your preferred height
  • Video projection at your preferred ratio (4/3 or 16/9)
  • Video feedback in order to facilitate your presentation
  • Photo and video reports
  • Illuminated decoration
  • An adjusted and soundproof power generator