You will never forget about your wedding, your birthday, your party, etc., but thanks to photos and videos you will be able to remember every single detail of it.

We put professional photographers and cameramen at your disposal. Each of them has a huge passion for photos and/or videos and will offer you memories that will last a lifetime.

What is more entertaining than a photo studio at your event? A photo studio adds a funny atmosphere and lots of entertainment to your event, your guests will love it and it will create some unforgettable memories for you!

We install the photo studio but we can also take care of printing your photos instantaneously at your event so that your guests can take their photo home.

It takes up very little space, it is easy to use and it allows people to have a good time… What are we talking about? Yes indeed, the photo booth! Alone or in group, everyone will strike a pose in front of the camera!

A nice extra is the instant printing of the four photos so that your guests can take their funny photos home as a souvenir! The photos can be customised with the colour of your event, a logo, a date, a colour, etc.

The photo booth can be linked to a big screen for even more entertainment or light effects and a green key background can be added.