It is not that easy to host a party at your home or in your garden. How to protect my home interior? Is my house big enough? The list of possible questions is very long.

Don’t worry, together we will find the appropriate technical solutions for your party. But we will do more than that! We will do everything we can to make your party magical and unforgettable.

Did you decide to hire a venue for your event? Perfect! We can help you to immerse your guests in a cosy and festive atmosphere from the very first moment by means of our light and sound systems. We do not only offer a complete technical service, we also offer photo reports, a photo booth, decorations, animations, etc.

We closely collaborate with several venues which are therefore already equipped with the necessary WePlay material. You can find the list of venues here.

Organising your event abroad, will make it even more memorable! Your guests will discover a new location and will have more time to enjoy your event. A wonderful discovery and amazing souvenirs for them and for you!

But unfortunately it requires more planning and it involves more concerns. We are there for you to understand your wishes and desires and to realise a wonderful event at the location of your choice. We will be happy to help you organise the event you have always dreamed of by means of our know-how and light and sound systems.

Would you like to immerse your guests in a particular theme or would you like to simply decorate the location and the tables of your party?

We offer you the professional services of our partners specialised in decoration. Together we will transform any location and give it the atmosphere you want in order to take your guests on a special journey.