Do you want to mark a significant milestone or do you just want to celebrate getting one year older? You want to celebrate your birthday with the people you love and that is an excellent idea! Or do you want to organise a surprise birthday party for someone you care about?

Whether it is a surprise party or not, we will be happy to help you turning this event into an unforgettable memory by installing the light and sound systems of your choice. For additional fun we offer a photo booth, musicians and so much more.

Step by step, the dance comes to life! As the evening progresses, you are more and more comfortable with the music and with your dance partner. For one night, you progress, you enjoy a pleasant moment, you learn and you dance!

We will be happy to help you by providing the necessary and appropriate sound and lighting systems. Everything will be there for a dance floor on fire!

A cocktail reception or a gala is the perfect event to celebrate a special moment in your life, for a charity or for any occasion that makes you want to gather people around you!

Despite the presence of many persons and what this implies in terms of crowdedness and organisation, we will assist you in order to ensure the smooth running of your event. We will ensure a refined atmosphere and an irreproachable technique: music, light effects, speeches and so much more.

You would like to increase the awareness of the people around you about a good cause, to share a passion or to inform your audience by inviting a speaker or by speaking yourself?

Absolutely no problem! We will make sure that everything is set up in order to allow your audience to hear well, to see everything and to enjoy the moment. We will also make sure that the speaker disposes of the required equipment and services for a smooth-running performance.

Would you like to exhibit or to organise an exhibition? Works of art, objects, a theme or an itinerary? Organising an exhibition requires a meticulous planning and technical means.

We will be happy to guide you through the technical aspects concerning lighting, presentation or general atmosphere and we will bring your ideas to life. We aim at maximum satisfaction of you and  your visitors. Please tell us, what would you like to exhibit?

There are many possible events, no list will ever be complete! Your imagination and desires are the most important determining factors for your event.

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to share your wishes and ideas with us. We are at your disposal and will be happy to help you find the best suitable solutions for your event. Let’s make your event perfect with appropriate and high-quality light and sound systems.