At your place for one night…

It is not that easy to host a party at your home or in your garden. How to protect my home interior? Is my house big enough? The list of possible questions is very long.

Don’t worry, together we will find the appropriate technical solutions for your party. But we will do more than that! We will do everything we can to make your party magical and unforgettable.


Which services do we offer?

  • Interior lighting:
    • Your reception room, a tent, etc.
    • The architectural details: framework, alcoves, etc.
    • The dance floor
    • Your decoration
    • Works of art and paintings
    • The catering spaces
  • Exterior lighting:
    • Your home, your property, a façade, a garden, etc.
    • The terrace
    • The park and the trees
    • The access road
  • Adapted sound systems
  • DJ performance until the early hours
  • Stages for a good atmosphere
  • Photo and video reports
  • Photo booth or photo studio
  • Entertainment: musician(s), singer(s), etc.
  • Illuminated decoration
  • An adjusted and soundproof power generator