Turn your performance into a success!

If you want your concert, play or any other performance to render well, you need professional sound and lighting equipment. Both the atmosphere and the quality of the performance depend on it.

We are available to help you with a reliable installation and performance. We will advise you and help you find the appropriate solutions with our high-tech material.


Which services do we offer?

  • Interior lighting:
    • A scene, a venue, a tent, etc.
    • Architectural details
    • Your decoration
    • Toilet facilities and cloakroom
  • Exterior lighting:
    • A building, a façade, a tent, etc.
    • A terrace
    • A garden, a park, trees, etc.
    • An access road
  • Sound systems that are adapted to your performance space/your scene
  • Lavalier microphones, headset microphones and hand-held microphones
  • A stage for your speakers at your preferred height
  • Video projection at your preferred ratio (4/3 or 16/9)
  • Video feedback in order to facilitate your presentation
  • Photo and video reports
  • Decoration of the location
  • An adjusted and soundproof power generator